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The Super Teams

In this era of the super team NBA Kevin Durant gets all the blame. From leaving the OKC organization to join the already dominate Golden State Warriors everyone runs to call him soft and a traitor for seemingly taking the easier route to a championship. Which he now has won twice... But lets not forget the people who actually started to super team movement. The Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. The Celtics did this when they acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to join Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and company this is 10 years before Kevin Durant. Then Lebron James did the same thing leaving Cleveland the first time to join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen.

As the NBA continues to evolve it will continue to happen It just happened today with Lebron James leaving Cleveland again to join the Los Angeles Lakers. It is obvious they have plans to bring in a host of free agents and trades to make the Lakers the most exciting and dominant team in the NBA to content with the Warriors and Rockets.

These "Super Teams " have changed the NBA forever it has made only a few teams contenders to even have a chance to win a championship and has made the regular season much less exciting to watch. But it has made the playoffs much more entertaining and exciting because of so much talent on the court at one time. It is almost like watching an allstar game every night with the players actually trying to win. 

So while everyone debates and hates I'll just watch and enjoy and anticipate the next "super team"


Get Funkely,


Kevin Costa