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Rudeness Epidemic

Rudeness Epidemic


Each day I wake up eager to help people find the furniture of their dreams. I want to help them make their house a cozy home. But after 3 years of being told "I don't want your help" or "I don't want you to bother me" or my personal favorite "I'm just looking." I have come to the conclusion that most people are just unhappy and want to project that unhappiness unto others. Now this extends far beyond the workplace. It is rare nowadays to open the door for someone and receive a "thank you." Not that we should do nice things with the intentions of praise but damn people show a little appreciation and love for the nice things people do around you. It takes little effort to be kind, caring and compassionate. I mean if I can do it surely anyone can.

Lets all be a little more mindful and appreciative of each and every human on this planet. We are all on team human. We all want each other to win and be happy, and if you don't want those things I don't want you on my team.


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Kevin Costa