Unfiltered Opinion

Gods Plan

Something that has always intrigued me was the connection with athletes and musicians. This has hit the front-page lines now that Kwahi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors and he has expressed his dissatisfaction with the trade. The media starts talking about how Drake needs to talk to him and get him to like the city. Yet every time I hear about this connection it baffles me.

During your schooling years the band/musician kids all stayed to themselves and the athletes were in their own sports group. They would rarely co-mingle, if anything the athletes would screw with the musicians. Yet these musicians and athletes have a lot in common which I could imagine drives them together. One of those traits would be this fixation towards trying to perfect their craft. From spending countless hours trying to perfect that 3-point shot or trying to nail that 6/8 tempo. Note both skills also help us get the chicks which is damn near the end game on everything we do.

Hopefully Drake can smooth it over with Kwahi and let him know that this is all a part of god’s plan. That man would be a great addition to the Raptors and help them get a little further in the post next year. Hell, Drake needs to become the Head Coach because we all know that they are looking for one. What do you think, Drake Musician/Basketball Coach?