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Food Advice

In my existence on this earth I have figured out the 3 things that are the most important. It goes as followed, Beer, Sports and Food (Women is kind of a given, just check who we follow on Instagram and you will know that women are number 1). In this little blurb I want to talk a little more about Food and some rules I feel you should follow. So, take out your pen and paper and listen up. Never cook a steak past medium rare, if you can deep fry something the answer is yes, and for the love of god salad is not a meal. I went to my favorite all you can eat Brazilian grill this weekend, Tucano’s if you live in Boise you need to eat there. I was doing a little examining and I saw that people were eating salad at an all you can eat decadent meat devouring establishment. What in the hell are you doing?! You are wasting valuable space in your stomach by eating from the “Salad Festival”, these people must have suffered from CTE. I understand if you get a little salad so you can experience what that beautiful cow was eating before it was marinated in Teriyaki sauce and cooked to perfection but that can’t be the focus of the meal.  My message is this, leave the leafy greens to the animals and fill up on the good stuff like that bacon wrapped chicken breast if you dine at an all you can eat establishment.